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With the amount of self-help information that is available, it's likely that you know a lot more about what you 'should' be doing than you are doing.


This is where working with someone else can be massively beneficial.

It's no secret that you are a lot more likely to succeed at whatever you set out to do (win gold, get a promotion, or overcome anger) if you're being helped; getting coached and/or mentored or having the key decision makers 'on-side'. Getting help to LEARN, UNDERSTAND and FOCUS your efforts is a best-practice formula



Q. What are the options for working together?

A. My services are accessible to a wide variety of people. Whether you're an individual wanting to work together directly, or via your employer; or you're a workplace (including charities) seeking training/a workshop/group session.

I work in person (on site, or I have two consultation locations in Edinburgh), online, or over the phone.

Please get in contact if you would like to know more.



Q. Are you qualified and certified in the techniques that you practice?

A. Absolutely! I am a qualified and certified Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® (TLT), Hypnosis and Coaching.

Working to the American Board of Hypnotherapy and American Board of NLP Code Of Professional Ethics.

I completed my qualifications through training with Ewan Mochrie at Inspire 360 and I am certified by the American Board of NLP, American Board of Hypnotherapy and the Time Line Therapy® Association.



Q. What's the process for working together?

A. Decide that you're ready for change; make contact re. what you're wanting; together we will decide on the best option for working together. 

*Unless you have been referred, I wont work with clients who are currently seeing a Psychiatrist or other medical professional about the same issue/s that they wish to work on together.



Q. What's working one-to-one like?

A. There will be full acceptance of your World view; no judgement or shaming, or pre-expectations.

It's an equal relationship, where you allow me to understand where you're at and wanting to be and I help you to get there, using the most appropriate tools and techniques. 

I will ask you to trust me, yourself and the process.

No unrealistic challenges (that you'll fall short of, leaving you feeling deflated).



Q. Is working with me, right for you?

A. There is no one ‘type’ of person who I work with, everyone is an individual. The sessions are client-led and therefore unique to you. Some people see the work as 'coaching', others as 'training', or 'therapy'. It's all interpretation and relevant to your needs and wants.



Q. What are the benefits of working together?

A. A safe, honest, free-from judgement environment. All the work is confidential, from the first time that you make contact.

Working with me, provides accountability for your actions.

The time and space to discuss your behaviours.

A clear focus on your goals.

Relevant content in sessions.

Support and belief in you and your goals. I believe that everyone is capable of change. 

Access to the fast & effective tools of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and Coaching.

I work to the American Board of Hypnotherapy and American Board of NLP Code Of Professional Ethics - click here to read.



Q. Do you offer one-to-one corporate sessions?

A. Yes. I am happy to come to you, on-site, or there are two location in Edinburgh where we can meet.



If you have a question that I haven't covered in this section, please feel free to get in contact.

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