“If a man has only a hammer, he tends to treat every problem as a nail.”

Anger Management Techniques

I'm proud to offer my clients a well rounded 'toolbox', along with a wealth of experience. I have formal qualifications, certifications and experience of various techniques. These techniques are at the core to my work with anger management and all the issues that I work with and I offer them all up, to use as and when necessary. The work is client-led. Meaning there is no one size fits all.


The purpose of this page is to provide an overview of what sets these techniques apart. In addition, each key technique has its own information page.


The change work is primarily done at the unconscious level. This is not new but what is changing is that the techniques are gaining mainstream popularity as the effectiveness is realised.


By working at the unconscious level it’s quick and effective to uproot deeply ingrained habits. This is because we all get into the unconscious state throughout the day, especially when you’re acting out of habit. For example, think of when you drive on autopilot; you take action (changing gears, steering, checking mirrors, etc) straight from the unconscious, or subconscious (they’re the same thing).

Your unconscious mind is completely connected to your conscious mind and is the driver behind your behaviours, obviously behind the unconscious behaviours but it’s often the driver behind conscious behaviours too. For example, when you consciously don’t want to eat junk food but your cravings win and the willpower of the conscious mind falls by the wayside. This happens to most people and all too often.

Often the connection between a behaviour that has been engrained at the unconscious level, is acted out so quickly, by-passing the conscious mind, that we think it just happens. Like a habit. And it does but it is programmed at the unconscious level to do so.


All my qualifications and certifications are shown through the stamp logos on this website and are available upon request. These mean that I have been recognised to the standard where I can work with clients, using the specific techniques and that I follow a strict Code of Ethics. This includes that our work is confidential.


Lastly, I am not a Medical Doctor, Psychologist or Psychiatrist. I will always provide only those services in which I have been trained, the techniques outlined here, and this is what I use.


It is fantastic, powerful work. I love what I do and this is why I do it. I want to help you and as many people as possible. I am available to talk and answer questions and make you feel comfortable about working together and make the changes that you want.


I invite you to enjoy finding out more about the main techniques that I use when working with my clients via my website sections and feel free to get in touch if you would like any more detail, or have any questions.