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Leask Coaching Review for Hanna Leask
Hanna’s coaching was liberating and gave a real sense of direction.

I hadn’t realised how many plates I was spinning before the sessions. So, it was nice to categorise the different aspects of my life and make everything that’s going on more manageable.

Hanna helped me to get on the right track. Forming a plan of action and a further understanding that I am in control of my situation more than I had first believed and this was really valuable in itself.

I hadn’t recognised that certain aspects of my life were really frustrating me, but once I had, it was more realistic that I could do something about them.

I would definitely recommend Hanna’s coaching; you don’t need to go into minute, personal detail and I feel that this makes the coaching as accessible as it could be. It’s also great that Hanna is not straight off advising you with solutions but she will help you to find the solutions yourself which you can take away from the session and put into practice time and time again.
— Megan, UK
Hanna is so easy to work with, which is really important. I would definitely recommend her.

She knows how to listen and how to prompt. She helped me to open up, so that I could get the most out of the sessions. It was so good to get clear on the gap between where I am and where I would like to be, as some gaps are more hidden than others.

While working together it became easier to express my thoughts into words.

Afterwards, I kind of felt lighter.
— Dani, UK
Dani review of coaching Edinburgh
Coaching sessions with Hanna are so refreshing. Straight from the start we worked together to look at my life constructively. I have learnt that through making changes, it is possible to lessen and eventually erase problems in my life. For years I had brushed issues aside, thinking that they weren’t important, however, they were having a massive impact on my life.

As a result of Hanna’s coaching, I have transformed from reluctantly accepting whatever life is throwing at me, to now knowing that I have the potential to not only have a good life but to have a great life.

The sessions provide the mind space to create a vision of the life that you want. Then Hanna works with you so that you get clear and focus on priorities, goals and what action you need to take in order to achieve your goals.

To anyone who is on the fence about coaching, jump off and have a go. You’re not going to lose anything and you have everything to gain.

I would definitely recommend Hanna.
— Susan, UK

Organiser of the Edinburgh Life Coaching Meetup group. This is a free to attend, informal group that meet once a month to discuss all things Personal Development.